Friday, January 1, 2010

Miley cyrus shower. S e x y pictures.

Miley cyrus shower. Fresh pics...
miley cyrus showermiley cyrus showermiley cyrus showermiley cyrus showermiley cyrus shower
I do the strangest things!? STAR if they refer to more than 5 of these? I always check behind the shower curtain for a murder ... I always sprint up the stairs I heard someone is chasing me ... When ever i hang my leg over the bed, I feel like something to eat ... When I was little I linked markers together make a sword ... Saying that ' entire alphabet, because you do not know the letter that comes after .... When I was little I hid in the circular clothing rack while shopping with my mom ... I close my eyes for 2 minutes ... and its been 2 hours ... Gwen Stefani taught me how to spell bananas ... I use proper English when texting ... If the world ends in 2012, I spent all my time at school ... Nobody would care if the Kanye West interruppted Miley Cyrus ... Once I turn off the lights in my basement, I ran the F ** k outta there ... When I was in trouble, i cannot help laughing, but even if I wasn't me who did ' s ... Feels like Kidz Bop ruins every song! Day Dreaming in class, and find your awkwardly staring at a someone ... I like to be called beautiful or sexy then hot ... I remember at that time ... Crocs in which the bomb! Back in those days .... Green Day was the best band ever! When I was little ... if i didn't get to go park / pool, my life has been ruined ... No matter how old I GET, I JUST CANNOT SLEEP the night before Christmas ... He knew every dance step to macerena (sorry dont know how to spell it) ... To own a CD player, that was the coolest thing ever ... L ' be in love with blues clues, I never knew that Blue was a girl?
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